Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adil Buku Bermula Sudah!

Yeh, the Book Fair has started - today! There's thousands of peoples & yet zillions of boooks flowing throughout the PWTC!

But so far, nothing really attracted my attention this time. Entahlah, but I didnt see those addicting booth which usually captured my eyes view. Etc: Gerai2 novel pukal-Buku2 latihan sekolah ke....-Winx ke, Barbie ke, atau buku2 comel lain..... Even if there are, they'll be only a couple of them or so... After all I didnt buy soo much books like before, or even since I've affected by the economy crisis maybe....?

Plus.... some of the books are still not in the line yet. Mostly all the newest books & the superhotcelebrities will come tomorrow.  Oh it's vry annoying.  They keep saying, "Esok datanglahh.... Itu..ini...itu..ini... datang!" Seriously; "Alah, tak boleh datang.". I cant make it tomorrow! In the end, I draw myself an innocent look, knew it wont work. Hmppphh....

Anyway, today is enjoying though. We got free stuff more than what we bought unexpectedly! Hehehhee. I just love to come again, for Gempak Starz is giving totally RM6 over all the graphic novel each & those goodies, ohhh! Marvelous~~ *Wahhh, lain kali kalau nak beli komik  postpone & tunggu pesta buku je lah ye! Dapat beli pukal.

And yeh of course I met a bunch of my friends - Before the entrance ohh I met Kak Fadhilah! Then walked another four feet I saw Kak Fawa, blablablablabla..... Kak Ezza, Farah Nadhiera, Alia, Kak Zaza & so on.... Oh yes, there were also hundreds of budak2 SMK X, ayyohhh!

I'm trying to find my old bestie in the crowd, (She said she was in there!) but suprisingly I crash into my other bestie!~  It's like:
   Dibawa kayuh seberang titi;
Mencari lidi terlupa asah,
Dah patah tumbuh hilang berganti.
Dicari Rinee terjumpa Shasha.

Wahah, pantun 4 kerat!! Okeh, its the end then.

*Detect someone huh? Heh~



kakak said...

eh? what's with the statement above this comment box..?

heyy who's in the photo? cant detect anyone i knew..

namasayaaku said...

hahahahhahahahha... mcm ni??
it was depressing to realize that I wasn't the heroine anymore, that my story was over. yuuuhhh~~~

mmmglah u cant detect, tu kawan sekolah laa...