Monday, March 15, 2010


That night, I was surfing the Web as I was really bored. I felt very productive, & it kept me awake. I dont know why but I guess I've got reasons not to sleep that night, eventhough I knew we're heading Kelantan just in the next few hours - balik kampung.

The silence filled the air, I could breathe the solitude in every inch of the house. And all of a sudden, the phone rang, shocking, breaking out the silence. The clock at the side of my laptop showed 3:13 am. I became worried and afraid if it was a prank call. And I 've decided not to answer it. But the ring was continuous, which I believe there's no such a determined prankster after midnight like this. So, I picked up the phone bravely.

And to my surprise, it was Kak Wa - in her deep, calm & nice voice. I wake both my parents, praying that the news she'll bring would be a postive one. I tried my best not to think nonsense, so I ran upstairs into my bed & reread the novel before I turned into a snorer.

But before I could read a word, Mama appeared & she told me the last thing I would want to hear, Mak Cik Nah has left us, she has passed away due to her chronic level four of breast cancer. And the tears flows. Her time have come, & soon it will be ours. Innalilahi wainnailahirrajiun.

We asap pack our stuff  & headed Kelantan directly and arrived safely at about 2.10 pm at the perkuburan. We didnt manage to see her for the last time, since the moment we arrived there, they were filling back the grave hole with soil. And how pity her children she left, there was no more a mother to hug with. Al-fatihah.
Setiap yang bernyawa
itu pasti akan merasai kematian..
AliImran, 185.

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