Monday, March 15, 2010

the exam journale.

Halfterm holiday. 1 Week only.

I'm not so comfortable, yeh u could see we're confrontng too many things in a time. Directly after KOT, there's thousand bunch of homeworks & to cope with exam, keceriaan dorm yang wajib,so on so far & all of a sudden Cikgu called - 'Buat cenderahati utk bagi SBPI mana entah yang nak datang lepas cuti'. ?!

Okeh. Relax.
So, any volunteers to lend me ur hands?
Hmph. hahahh, nvrmind.

Anyway, this whole week were packed with exam. It was bulging. But at least I've tried to fill in every blanks and finally I did it! Hahhah i'm trying to make it as positive as possible.

I did Math-English-Seni on Tuesday. Eventuallly it was easy but the reality wasnt so easy without calculator, that I've confused with those plenty numbers. & I dare say nothing about english & seni.

Wednesday, we had our Sejarah-KHB-Arab. Yes. It is getting tougher. My mind was completely 'taknak kena rotan!' & i'm having inferiority complex. It cause me worry duhh. But later on idk how on earth suddenly i'm thinking of cikgu zaidah - well err how's her baby? Oh. Hehehe. However, argh. Arab totally make me sick dying! I've got no correction tape so I've tried my best not to do so much potongpotong on my paper, they told me Uztaz Annas does really care about writing! But I didnt managed to make it fixed, my answers were really messy.Sorry Uztaz.

Thursday, bhahah finally its BM-GEO-PAI-Science. Everything was last minute, so good luck to me. I did BM better than other paper,so well I think it is the only paper I could breathe properly. And honestly I didnt  have the chance to touch buku teks Geo... :(  But then PAI was ok, it wasnt very complicated, uztazah dah sediakan ruang jwapan! And Science...... was the last subject of the day. my OMR paper seem not very convincing. No comment please.

After all, everything was hampeh & unconvincing. Sorry, I know there are  few month to go before PMR~ hmphh...

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