Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hahahhh, today we had a walk around my house area. And oh what a shock to see the forest view there have turned into a view of new-coming-soon housing area, I guess it have a phenomena nowadays isnt it? And how unlucky I am, the ball I brought for no reasons too bad fell down the hill. And so I'm forced to bcome the heroin as a step to get back the ball, or else goodbye bally~! :"((
Myself as I'm triyng to save the ball.
Oh see the man stop doing their work just to see I'm acting the heroin part! Hahah!~

Ok done, pada petangnya we sent Atok and Pakcik Razi off depan rumah to Johore, *snap!
*So lesson. dont give your lovely ones freedom, or else they will escape!
Ehmm~ and even if they are, try the best to go after them okeh? :)


jari | jemari said...

mak cik, that pic is so not a pretty snap!

namasayaaku said...

yeah i knoe~