Sunday, May 2, 2010

The One I Met In The Ladies.

24th April.

I know it was a bit not-up-to-date. Well, yeah dont bother.

It was like this. Saturday morning, we - the caboodle of Mahiss Debaters, went to Help University College for the debate war in Sri Damansara. We separated into two, which was because the school van was already packed with another PPIM girls.

We arrived a bit late, just as the TEAM A started their round. Well then I went to the ladies. & there a Chinese girl greeted me. At first we talked about my school, yeh of course the so-called-lovely-MaahadHamidiah, and after all she said she knew nothing bout Kajang except for its satey~ LOL. And guess what, eventually she was our opponent team for the first round! She was from SMK Katholik! Yeah, what a shock to meet a very friendly opponent team for the first time in this way.

Yeah, and after an hour later, we met the whole SMK Katholik team members at our first round. Oh ya, and the first word that actually they asked was that, "Oh are you the one she met in the toilet just now?" Hhahahah, I nodded. I tought it's ought to be some kinda nuclear energy or any political views discussions. Thank God they didnt. Not even the chess club type. And the conversation went on. blablablabla....~

Eventually I found out, that she was the only girl, the rest were boys. And she was the reserver, and she was the only f3, the rest were f4. And starting from that point, we became really close to each other. Considering the fact that we have met before, and we were both f3, we made really good friends.

What a poor thing when eventually the adjudicators were on their side. On the motion about 'Banning smoking policy'. But it wasnt that bad, the margins was really close. The experiences taught me a lot, remember its not that how the world affect you but how you affect your world. :)

I mean it, its glad to know that the other side of the worlds does exist. You'll even revealed many hidden things. My words, go explore the world.

Yin Jun, Hoping that we will still stay in touch. :)
*The only thing I'll read are faces, so dont ask me about the er, Beatles Revolver?

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