Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm glad that Civic has this on it's syllabus.

Fuhh. At last! After a month..or so, I'm home!

Ohh hectic! This whole week was really tiring. You see the form 3 students were seriously busy *wahahah. Yeah, eventough we have had our proposal ready since March or so, but in the end, the fixed plan was set on Monday, a few days before the real display we gonna do! Ya, what a rush.

For the first time ever, Civic subject have been a very popular  topic, beaten the History as well as others PMR subjects! And I guess we kept talking about Cikgu Nazmi, yet we're making him famous lately.  Thankfully, because of the 20 marks for Civic in the year test, we'd held the Malaysian Cultural Exhibition on the previous Thursday. It was awesome, I told you. But after all, I bet no one remember about the 20 marks  anymore, I mean yes no one seem to ever care bout it~ Considering the fact I've missed the lessons too often I really need to be neatly ready to sit the exam soon. Sorry teachers!

Overall, we have gone through such a harsh moment, *With the spirit & enthusiasm of being a rabbani students,  we managed to voice and speak up our rights instead of attending the same formal P&P 5x a week! We stood out within the knights on our side, swords in our hands and there, we sent some of our awesome members to go for a fight with the most powerful person, and eventually the victory was here, we won!

At that moment, I felt grateful - really really. I felt like smiling.After we changed the project's plan again and again like a boner act, at last we've got the concrete one. So started from that point, we as a group, rushed and dashed the days to make sure that this time, our work will work, hoping it will be significance .

And as the day arrived..

Thrusday, 13 May 2010.
The day started with an anxious feelings. And at the first four period, we've got our P&P lesson as usual. Well at the third period, most of the students had  gone to the hall, doing  the last preparation.

10.30 AM: The event started as the first formers have gathered outside the hall. After we've got our usher, speakers and everythings ready, the main door opened. And the kids flew in.~ It was more like a chaos at first, but as the time goes slowly, we turned it splendid and I tought, marvellous~

Throughout the day, I saw many potential revealed. Oh the speakers spoke very well, fluent! The peoples who in charge of game were really happening! Oh men demmit, wish I could make the happiness we made continuous. I felt as if the world was a real wonderland. I could see the rainbow we're painting are seriously gorgeous! Errr... It's hard to define things when you are excessively happy you see.Them the unexpected person did oh what a marvellous job! They did great, no matter from what class they are form, no matter how good they can talk before, eventually they seemed really good, honestly. All booth were again awesome~! And for the quiz&poster's kids, dont envy to others ya, I'm so sorry that you guys couldnt see the whole event.~ But after all, you guys rock the days - I'm honest~~ :)) Hey, ok . see I'm praising you guys too much. Bleghhh. Now, I'm done.

Oh btw, thanks guys, really really~ For making the 13th May memorable. For making it valuable,  a day we cant forget, for making our efforts worthwhile. I'm glad to see all those happy face, the teachers, the junior and even the seniors! I'm  sure, we are looking forward to do more events after this rite? Whatever it is, THANK A LOT GUYS!~ I really love it, wish I can rewind the moment.

                                                        *I'll upload the photos when the days say yes.

Oh I cant stop smiling man!~
See ya later.
Thank you.

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