Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cuti Dua Minggu: Allow me to whisper.

There are always something new to learn, everyday.

Open your eyes and the world seem so wide.

I dowsed, considering the fact " Teenagers nowadays are nonchalance" as if they never concern any real issue that are bulging day by day. Mostly are about religious thing, which when it was about to be deliberate the heart would keep persuading us to escape. "We're still young" and oh so whatever reasons you give are totally a bad idea, I would called 'em 'way to abuse your own self'.

I conceived that there are never such a young age to understand and apply any religious obligation. I was in form two when I entered debate ( hello it was just last year!) and I found out that there are several topics (approximately twelve) in Asian Parliamentary Debate and one of them was Moral And Religion. I gave a 'whoah' reaction. In Bahasa Melayu Debate you are not allowed to even touch upon this topic, sensitive and fragile if you are a emotionally enthusiastic debater.

Well okay, I tought this gonna be a serious matter (if you take it seriously). "Of course we gonna take it serious, it is something you can't play with." "After all, everything we do are based on religion, Quran and Sunnah. So back to basis! Easy," the senior told me then. And do not attach any hadith, verses of the Quran and such, what you gonna do are about to make your audience and the opponent understand your speech and at one point who know they will agree with your case? If you have a deeper knowledge upon the issue, then bravo! the audience gained something valuable from you.

Hey, anyway I'm not planning to held a debate class eh. I told you that was the moment I thought 'what we gonna voice out are seriously representing how we as a muslim think' and even imagine you are against the nonmuslim stuff and so on. Anxious wouldn't I?

And as I entered IIUM Debating Championship this year, I watched a debate of both non-muslim teams upon the issue of face veil on the grand finale. Seriously they didn't deliver the right fact about face veil! None of them touch and correct the mistake though. It wasn't their fault I guess, I mean if there are any religious school or such up there in the stage at the finale things might be different. But eventually all of us (the religious school) didnt manage to stick until the end, and that's sorrowful. At the moment, some audience were protesting in their seat, and arguing the motion and the debate quietly among them. It seem like a snake infiltrating the grass, remain silent. Hmm, I wouldnt say much then.

By that time I was glad that I was in the community full of awareness. Delighted in that, I asked few more peoples about the debate. I was a bit frustrated when a man came and say that the debate was like a rubbish, he refered to the motion that the organizer gave 'em. "We are all young and they give such a stupid topic! What they expect from us?! They supposed to pick out a motion we all mastered and I bet they will honour us in disbelief!" Oh puh-leaz Mr. Arrogant I think you suppose to talk with the IIU themself.

Yes maybe we are young. But then remember there are no such young age to emphasis religion. The world is wide as it is seem. I'm done, let the silence speaks.                                      :)

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