Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cuti Dua Minggu: Not Anymore.


This is Kak SuperNab. She's a teacher with brainy ideas, loved for her AWAT-stuff and her-so-adorable-plushie! Her mindcreativedrawing are awesome & oh so faboulouso! Hmm well since today I've turned into the lazybackbone type, so hmmm well I'm just saying I love 'em and so far didnt do anything.  I didnt mean to write a post anyway.

*Rindu nak melukis, tapi haihh malas... :'((

**Oh and I told you FB's freakin! I've got a few messages from the teachers, omg! It's a unexpected-thinging, means yang pelekpelek! Okay I'm ignoring it..

Holiday almost over.
One week left.

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