Sunday, January 31, 2010

nevertheless breatheless - nothing much

I'll be away for the same 
Dont worry bout me.
Maahad are caring, 
as always.

kick cat; take a rest~

*Jigsoak,credit him.

Maths suck! I love them but demmit they make me dizzier!  Arriving Circle's chapter, no more glance, serious. Quickly I shut the book, keep them away, here I'm on the line again.

Hmpph. Tomorrow, we'll gonna celebrate birthday aku yg dah terlajak, also belated birthday Nabil & becoming birthday Abah! Soo... o'coz there'll be food! Yeh. I love food! Hahhahaha, food are always delicious & satisfying! Then, late that evening, jamuan kecil2an dorm pulak! Hohoho, again.... foood!

Yup, dorm aku buat makan sikit-sikitan, before the rombakan penghuni asrama puteri started, before we're separating... Hahaha, pretty tough sitting in that dorm; homeworks takboleh buat!
Since those budak2 were very talkative, so theres alotof things to buzz around.

Hahahah, btw...storyteller nonstop! In the end, padan muka, hw undone! Panick tuu.

But anyway, maybe u'r not my dormmates again after this. So... ready je laah to pack ur stuff ehh.  :(

Keep moving~~

*Tomorrow is another suprising day. Sleep well.

Till then.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Masao Baba got nothing to do with this. ok?

A lot of heli, you see, abah is seriously addicted to this stuff. 
Unfortunate to see, that I wasnt really interested- however they're cool enough to influence me.!
Honestly I never try to fly this heli.
A'ah,true. Tak pernah terlintas in my mind to do so. I wonder why. (?)

*Hhaha. Found this on my bed this morning, lambat laah bagi, posmen tanak hantar ehh? Btw, trima kasih ye kakak. Telling this here is satisfying. enough is it?  ^_^"

Till then.

i'm soryy its sorrowful

 I cannot feel
the things you suffer.
I cannot know
the things you hide.
One thing I knew,
You run away 

from the things
I know nothing.

I know almost,
But at least,
You've shown me how to laugh.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

she asked me.

*Translated & transformed into
a shorter form of questions & answers.

What are you up to?
Homeworks. But now i'm pencen sekejap from studying & stuff. So, honestly, i'm finishing theBOFs comics.

Whats on your mind?
the problematic KPM budget. I've been katak di bawah tempurung. Sampai je rumah, mama abah terus told me stories -All hostel should balik kampung weekly  + Ada sekolah yuran smpai 600? What? +blabla.... & pointing out our opinions.

Err. Wait, how's life?
My routine have been back to the ordinary, attending the school of 2010, a class of the famous 3 word-PMR.

Is it best? Or boring?
Definitely idk.

Do you had a good fortnight in hostel?
No, totally nope. Economy crisis. So, there's a lot of things to disagree & oppose. First day, black out. Second day ntill  today, water crisis pulak!

Do you love your dorm?
I'm getting used 2 it. I hate dont really like my bed, katil atas-exactly bawah kipas, i'm shivering every morning, & worse:- i'm having a fever of flu.

Last year result?
Serve it right. I didnt score at anything.

Your lessons are getting marvelous, wont they?
Is it? Oh yes, we keep moving forward - as others do.

So, what's your objectives this year?
I jotted down some here, take a look in my note.

What are you going to do next?
Publish post, take a deep rest & sleep. Shall see yeh tomorrow.

Till then, salam.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

010110 - a day in klate.

Eventough we didnt do anything extreme, not a jungle trekking or a kick-boxing but honestly, yesterday was a tiring day. We woke up at 4 am (After we had an-only-two-hours sleep :(  ) and we ended the day at 1++ am today. Isnt it a long journey? *Err, not a very long period, but yeh see it is a continuos trip without even a rest. 

Btw,this is abah's routine, to visit the kampung at Kelantan monthly. Since we are in holiday, so we went there too. However, we forgot to snap photo while we are visiting our cousins in Kelantan.We snatch a lotof photos at some unevenful places unfortunately. I didnt get into details, so here is the photo.

Lazy 2 correct the photo level, so dont bother.

The kids are chasing after the duck. Scary dooh.
My very polite cousin, Imtiyaz.

In front rumah Tok Ayah, where the cement are being buildoze, renewed. (??)

 During the boring boarding period.

There wasn't very many people around, i think
because it's the last flight for the day.

One more step, & we'll in plane.
It's 11.10 pm, we're heading back & returned home safely at 1 am.

*You knoe, I love photos, so dont ask why.