Sunday, January 2, 2011

1/1/2011 date was beautiful .

This photos were taken last week. Kak Wani was going to DQ, well yeah she was elected to go there, so therefore we went Alamanda to meet her and celebrate! 

The first time I saw her was when she appeared in the esiswa magazine along with other debaters, and holding their winning trophy. And all of a sudden, now we've become close friend, she's really a good senior who had taught me a lot of meaningful things, I couldnt remember how this strong bond was built and the next second I knew, its already time for her to leave the school. Congratulation Kak! After all that's what she wanted. It was sad though, accepting the fact she wouldnt be in my school anymore, wouldnt teach us the debating lesson, wouldnt be our school senior anymore, and wouldnt be next to us bearing our problems and perhaps she gonna be far away from us, because once she was in the Darul Quran, her life gonna be really hectic, packed with the hafalan and stuff, and probably there was no time left for us. Will we ever meet again after this? ...

We went for .... sushi! My first time eating sushi! Haha, but this isnt sushi, IDK. Yummy yum yum !
* Ignore the chopstick's broken tip, can you? Hehe I'm too extreme ;DD
Haish, too much waste. Oh what a waste.
And this was my 1st time playing bowling too! And to be honest it was baaadddd.... But it was fuunnnnnn!!!

Haha who do u think is the REAL attention seeker? :))

And it was a christmas day! HOHOHO~
Goodness! What happen to our head!?? LOL. This photo was taken using her new Macbook Air... Wuuuu.... Jeles2..
With much respect,

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