Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Trailer A Day Keeps The Hunger Away

Excuse me. Double post tonight. I can't ignore myself from posting this. And that title may seems so annoying to be reread. Anyway remember my older dusty posts: and . 

Again, I am talking about the very same subject. HUNGER GAMES SRIKES AGAIN ;)  I dont know why it keeps coming to me. Hello I never been a fan for real. Now the movie trailers are already spreading and the movie release is too soon. Its too good not to not ignore them. Oh is it that good? Maybe yes maybe no but seems like yes. Duh who really knows. Before all you should watch you should watch you should watch no before that you should read you should read you should read that trilogy by Suzanne Collins. There's motive why I love this. Its beyond what you read. So if you've read them then think why I said so. The language she used is simple yet so understandable. And that made me liking LOTS of it. Anyway, the excitement accelerates! Right HG Fellow Fanns? I am hyped XD Because even the trailers were better than what I've thought they would. The casts seem  pretty fit and fine. Ohooo I'm rooting for this movie!

People, it's OK, take a breath.
Because this is the movie it isn't gonna have everything you want to make it perfect. It's also in someone else's vision. Also keep in mind that you picture things differently in your mind then everyone else in the world does. Think of the movie as a compromise between everyone's vision.
On a side note, I'm super stoked about the movie, I CAN'T WAIT!
                                                                             - Kiyoran 

The gigantic snow ball made for promoting purpose in The Cathay, Singapore. & you can even take photos inside that!
Wait wait guess what, Gale Hawthorne will be cast by Liam Hemsworth, the same guy who starred Will Blakelee in The Last Song! I never heard his name before. Seriously. You know how katak di bawah tempurung I am. Is he that soo awesome? I bet he 80%ly is. Btw, Gale is my favourite character above all. Its just that . . . why he had to be so extinct days by days, especially in the last book? Thats unfair you know.
Liam in the 2010 The Last Song. 

Yes thats him. Acceptable Gale. Apa pandang pandang huh? Hmmm. Thank you for letting me annoyed you to the max. Lets wait for March 23, 2012.


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