Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kelantan as in Kelatay Part I

Pertama sekali kalau kau nak tidur jangan lupa tambah kalimah syahadah. Jadikan amalan wajib dapat menyebut asyhadu allahi laa ilaaha illallah sebelum mati baik mati sekejap atau selamanya. Mana tau kau tertidur time tengah bukak blog ni kan wakaka. Tonight I have a sense on posting a school essay on your (little) trip previously. Dalam banyak2 tempat aku pergi, tetibe rasa nak post pasal kelantan, my kampung hahaha. I have drafted this quite ages ago but here it goes anyway. I went to Kelantan last week (by the time I decide to publish this its three weeks already). By bus. I became the lead. And its my first time ever. Without anyone to rely, woha. To be honest I'm thoroughly excited with the whole journey and at the idea of gaining more independent. Sejujurnya gua rasa naik bas lagi bagooosss dari kereta sebab tak memenatkan si ayah dan lagi selesa dengan kushion besar untuk setiap orang. But isnt it is obvious? That I was thrilled. Perjalanan seorang budak lepasan sekolah lah konon. Haha ini semua poyo! 

The sky was always as dark as if its turning night. Musim hujan ayak telebih. My uncle fetched me as soon as I arrived Kota Bharu, where we stay. Just as our first day in Kelantan fall into pitch black, I texted my former mate who have moved here a few months ago. I met her on a very brief KRS program last year, and she told we were classmates in standard three. Honestly I told her that memory was really dim I cant barely remember any part of it. But amazing was how she replied me instantly and asked my whereabouts. Long story short, she brought me to her place the next day. And we spent the next two days with so much fun I've never had before. Its Shah who brought me to Yana places. She came with vast options. Maka dapatlah gua makan angin banyak tempat bersama kekawan baru, bak kata pepatah gendang gendut tali kecapi kenyang perut suka hati.

Ini Yana. I just met her for a few seconds before this photo was taken,  time ni nama dia pun aku tak tau lagi. Obviously budak yang chill dan sempoi
Heres some other photos. Please dont mind my editing. It just that recently I like to play the colours of my photos too much. Sometimes I dont even think its beautiful but I cant stand doing nothing at fresh photos haha. Because I dont have instagram, apatah lagi vscocam. What can I do cuma peeping tom from my sister phone. I envy those people yang senang2 boleh dapat, boleh beli apa yang diorang nak. So, sometimes I'm wondering what my own vsco look like. Well poverty is no barrier. Erm ayat tu ditujukan untuk orang lain kot.

Gua terasa sangat aman. Tak tipu. I guess its because you're so close with mother nature, yet jauh dengan dosa. Yang kalau depan komputer tu, bukak mata sekejap pun senang sangat dapat demerit dari Tuhan. Plus the computer flare yang memang merosakkan mata dan radiasi dari gadget2 elektronik yang memang tak elok untuk kulit manusia. So dengan sini chill saja. Truth to be told gua memang jarang berada kat tempat2 macam ni dan bukan senang nak feeling tau. 

Orang kata kita hirup udara yang sama. Betul, setuju. Tapi hakikatnya nikmat udara tu lain-lain at where we standing. Allah jadikan udara ni sama tapi tak semua orang dapat nikmat udara ni. Kalau Allah nak kasik kita udara tercemar banyak dan tak rasa nikmat ni, tulah yang kita sesak nafas la bagai tu. Kalau Allah nak kasik kita rasa nikmat lebih sikit, haha ni yang semangat ni nak tulis dalam blog bagai, even though its small matter. Just to say how much we appreciate it.

Colour Dye untuk canting batik.  Pengalaman pertama gua di gudang mencanting batik. .
An attempt to break loose from its jail.

Merbok, kesayangan the boy who take care all the animals they kept, and most of the poultry, he is yana's young brother.  In a way aku kudos kat dia.

The beach was completely deserted, but we were there somehow. My aunt kinda prohibited me to go there (It reminds me of the Cullens) so its sort of mischief managed. But Alhamdulillah thanks for everything by far nothing bad had happened. I got to know the range of pulaus ahead (which names I've forgotten now). Predicting what the sea would become in the future. A bear to hug? A monster with deathly weapons? Rumor spread that fish species that ought to be in the middle of the deep sea were found abundant in the shores. An add-on to the current nervous scene. Taking photos until we felt like we had had enough, which I personally found sickening. 

Then we head back, just as three policemen came after us asking apo kono eh jang dok pantai waktu2 cenggini haa. Dengan kamera lagi. Its like being caught red-handed, I totally freak out. But for a second thought, it wasnt a crime for coming to beach during critical times right? Amidst the tsunami warning ahead. They named it sunamo if I'm not mistaken. But whatever the name was, (I didnt watch news) its pretty obvious everyone trying to steer their heads out of the sea. I guess he was patrolling on duty but he said they're having some sort of makan angin. Which I found unconvincing. It doesnt really matter anyhow. What we're doing was, as they had answered, 'for the sake of welcoming me'. Being at the center of hightlight, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude there. It was obvious we were riding motorcycle. Its obviouser mind my lack of grammar awareness  none of us were legally licensed. To be honest they sound friendly. And cool. But they were still a police after all. I was about to feel really guilty before he said some 'jangan main air'. Elok-elok' and left. Simply just like that. No wonder how motorcycles could be just everywhere, even a child carry on them. Not to mention that fact is too true, lego eden haaaa.
Btw boleh tak nama kedai pengantin makcik yang kitorang nak jumpa tu sama dengan nama my first ranking ever pop singer. 
Sampai sini dulu. I tried to keep my story short as possible but you know once Ive started writing, its hard not to tak merepek sangat. Gonna post another photos in part two muahahahah. Assalamualaikum.

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