Wednesday, May 22, 2013

so yahoo bought tumblr...

... and I'm carrying it in blogger because the other alternative is obviously too mainstream. Hek.

I cant help posting this gif hereee!!!
This made my day hohoho. Coolest thing ever. sorry blogger I need to ship this here.

Since David Karp will still be the president, so what the fuss really?
Honestly Im getting quite annoyed (what with my post hahahaha) even though I didnt deny he's cool - hes barely 26 and hes a high school drop out wow but when people call him daddy and god? Thats freaking me out.

Anyway meh since teens are well-known for being emotional, I'd enjoy this moment hehehehhhew.
And here a post is made!!

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Hi David I dont call you daddy is it okay
Of course its okay im millionehhh. Ops not million, its BILLIONEYHHHH DUDE!! So this is CEO Tumblr dan Meyer, CEO Yahoo.
Hey macamana gambar dia boleh ada lagi ni!?


1.1 billion.

For a website.

A billion is 1000 million.

And he's just few years older than you.

What have you done with your life so far..........





Okay okay thats enough.



Yes side note. I see some improvement here. And actually,  I was feeling really sick and helpless. Gambar kat bawah post dalam gambar ni (I didnt printscreen it) adalah gambar perempuan baru kene jerat. Allah!!! Evil gila!!

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