Monday, May 13, 2013

am i writing about the ipg iv?

Okay this is rather a really quick post. 

Hey if you are watching this now, I mean now when i post this hey its cool if you watch dialog harmoni on tv alhijrah now. The topic is muliakan ibu bapa. Its exactly the things we've discussed in the ipg interview earlier haha. Now I realized there's lot more good stuff we could have talk in the discussion :/

Yeah after long negotiation whether to go or not to the interview because I was so freaking tired, I did go for it! Among the candidates who came, from what I know theres only three budak maahad and one budak kisas ya memang ramai yang sengaja tak nak pergi kan. I slept at two am and supposedly woke up at 4 am to prepare the everythings but ended up waking up at 6 thats quite late and we rushed in the hustle of the super busy kl traffic and I arrived exactly when the  insak exam is about to start at 8.28am. And to my further embarrassment my phone rang and it took me one minute to find where my phone was and excuse me, you should have silent your phone duh. 

Anyway this year there is no individual interview, but only a group discussion based on a video shown.  But I have to say, well I dont really have to, but I didnt talk so much in the group discussion / interview at 11am because erm once Ive started the talking I told ya I could hardly stop. Hoho saya perasan lebih. But honestly I was again, tired and a bit miserable that wore me down. And honestly during the group discussion the topic was a lot about mother vs father. Honestly guy. I'm seriously not interested in arguing whos better. All I said was, hey can we not judge on the stereotypes? Not all men are better than mom just because our father are. I honestly think there should be no prioritization/degradation at all. Mom is of course equally as great as fathers are. I just wanna get out of this endless so called discussion, hope it didnt sound that rude hoho.

And there are questions about being a teacher of course. What are the benefits og being a teacher. How to inculcate love towards parents in class. And again, I cant believe my answer is quite short. I've answered in one complex sentence and ended with 'and yes, thats it'. Omg what happened to me haha. Ikr this is so not me. Thank god the interviewer is so sempoi, in fact the interview doesnt have any intimidating atmosphere at all. So yeah, I'm pretty much enjoying myself there haha.

On the bright side ada hikmah lain aku datang ke sini. I met dayat omg my long ago kawan baik but now he seemed quite quiet, and izzati azlan omg omg shes so crazy I spent 3/4 of my energy rofling and her respectable KU. And here we goooooo, timamamamahhhhh! Omg shes been in hiding or what I swear I havent heard anything from her since decades. The best part was when she suddenly called oppa saranghae! in the middle of the hall and yeah no wonder all the guys there immediately menoleh ke timah (mungkin dengan harapan merekalah oppa yang dimaksudkan?).

We just realised that even though we've been tablemate from form two until form four, we've never ever ever ever take a picture togethah!!! Can you believe it?!! Thanks to mama for suddenly appear to fetch me with a camera in hand! XD

I actually wanna write so many things but hahhhhh ini je laa for the time being. Till then.


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