Thursday, May 2, 2013

SKETCH 006: upgrading to tumblr!

Because of my never-ending interest, I've finally created an arty blog dedicated to sketches + illustrations yesterday!
It was so random that its called sketchaos (?)

Btw for those who asked how do I sketch, I use paint tool sai (sometimes psd) and a graphic tablet but its really cheap that sometimes it doesnt work and I had to use mouse instead hha.

I used an old version of sai but its always free to download. Apart from it is really light compare to photoshop, it is extremely easy sangat to use. Can be downloaded here

So........ yay! See you there!


Baiti Fauzi said...

Finally! Dah lama tunggu ulfah buat something like this!!

Ulfa Ady said...

Thank you baiti!!!!!! XD
Now tell me have u activate ur tumblr!?

Kakzakie said...

Auntie comment here as your mama used your blog to comment at auntie's blog.

Creative ulfa!! But auntie do not know all about this tumblr