Sunday, December 3, 2017

Self-discovery About My Name!

I need to put this down. because. God's. works. are so. amazing! Subhanallah!

So sometime in the beginning of this semester, I introduced myself to an Arab woman over a Gelato socials after a Friday prayer. Personally she looks very much like Emma Watson, and when she speaks, I have to admit it, that she is just as charming! 

Amazing thing is, she asked me "Do I know the meaning of my name, Ulfah?"

My reply is: "Its similar to ukhuwah isn't it?" Because thats honestly what I thought.

Up until she said, yes but no, "ulfah is from allafa.... its like a bond of the heart" It was a new thing to me, and I didn't get it completely, so she gave me the surah it is from.

Now fast forward to 2 December, I decided to google the exact surah but I could not remember what surah the verse she said was from. 

And now, I found out that the roots of my name; alif lam fa - occurs 22 times in the Quran. 

And in the verb form, it simplified meaning is...... to reconcile!!! Reconcile is exactly the words of the year! The answer to how to reconcile is exactly what I have been searching for! Ill continue writing later iA if I have time. But for now, thats all!! 

For future reference

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