Monday, August 10, 2009

don't cry; since it's over. smile; as it happened.

Yesterday. Everything seems to be allright,

I don't know what to write since I'm still not in a good condition. I had a bad fever.

  • At first, I've got a stomach ache. It's kinda long lasting pain.
  • I can't sleep, just watching and looking around in pain. Ya Allah!
  • At the morning, I knew I had a fever, a bad one, when Fairuz told me so.
  • Yes, I do think so.
  • They went to school, while arguing about their mask (which side should be in the front side?).
  • I left alone in the Sick Room (I dont know what it's called, Bilik Sakit). I tried to get in the ward, but oh no! it's locked!
  • at about 10 am, Farah & Ettie came. Thanks godness, alHamdullilah, mereka ada. Mereka bawa surat sakit bersama roti kastard (buatan ayah!) beserta bekalan duit syiling agar saya dapat menghubungi ayah saya kelak.
  • Thanks Farah & Ettie. You made such efforts for me!
  • Call Abah,
  • Balik ke rumah
  • I've got news. Adik pun demam juga.
  • Kami satu rumh demam, kecuali ibu.

Ok, I think, that's enough.insyaAllah I'll be fine soon, & at that time, I 'll upgrade my post and re-post, ok? asSalamualaikum.

*o yes,dont forget, to pray for all; muslimin wa muslimat.

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