Monday, August 24, 2009

today is ramadhan, & so did yesterday.

~today is ramadhan, & so did yesterday.

Islam wants a Muslim to be healthy, clean, alert, agile and energetic.
& that's 1 of the reasons why we are fasting todays..
(I'm not sooo goood in this. so, do link here.u can read more&more. cool)
 >>>"Fast to be healthy," had said the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). 
Fasting has been found to be an effective treatment for psychological and
emotional disorders which helps a person to firm up his will,
cultivate and refine his taste and manners, strengthen his conviction
of doing good, avoid controversy, petulance and rashness,
which all contribute towards a sane and healthy personality. 
Erm, in addition to be a healthy personality, we ourselves actually are
preparing in two features, according to Holy Quran: mental and practical.
We can say these are like the wings of a bird on which man flies through
the heavenly space of spirituality in the month of Ramadan.
And when we observe Fasting, here is something that happens:
  1. I feel hungry -> My mind says "I am Fasting" suddenly I REMEMBER MY LORD because I am Fasting for Him!
  2. I feel thirsty -> My mind says "I am Fasting" suddenly I REMEMBER MY LORD.
  3. I think something NEGATIVE my mind says "I am Fasting" suddenly I REMEMBER MY LORD because I am Fasting for Him!
  4. Fasting helps us to become 'Conscious of God', He is watching us! Beware!
So, do something ya akhowat wa ikhwan!!! Let us spread islam, which leads to Al-Jannah.
I dunno how this work up, but I know I didn't have to rang the big bell or etc.
We move on, talking about today.
Hmmm, today is slightly different from yesterday.
we did solah Subuh prayer at Surau al-Munir,
then we heard tazkirah, 
(Idk whose voice is it.. well, we're behind the curtain!)
gone back with atuk,
atuk is at home, wargh! bahagianya~~ 
when evening comes, I went UM,
"kakak nak buka puasa kat rumah laa."
as I kept that word in my head, I ask
abah to fetch my eldest-sister there.
When my eldest sister was there beside me,
in the car safely,
abah sent us to a small bazaar near the mubarak shop,
since it' too crowded, 
so abah park the car verrryyy faaaarrrr awwaaayyyy from the bazar.
never mind, i said:
I still young, yet stroong enoough,
in addition to that, I'm too excited to see just a bazzaar's phenomena actually!
(haha, broken-english worked up too well huh?)
after almost half an hour walking & walking through the crowd in that bazaar,
finally, we arrived back to abah's car.

 hehe, but oooh, pity them.
actually, we buy NOTHINgg!
(huh! Most of the kuih had sold out, & the residue left was the one which had been seriously rotten, undelicious & ugly!)
except an only-10ringgit-&simple-yellow-turqoise-slipper, which again belongs to my eldest-sister,
when we arrived home, (now my uncle was about too break fast with us,)
IDK why, but they faces seems like waitin for our kuih-muih that they tought we bought..
"hehe, maaf, Cuma ada kuih ini sahaja!"said my eldest-sister while showing her slipper in front of them.. "takpe, kalau dah lapar, selipar pun bolehlah."answers given.
& then maghrib comes,
we heard azan,
then we break our fast,
& performed religious obligations again...
so, that was yesterday.
then today,
I do fasting like yesterday, but we're did many
indoors activity today than yesterday.
In the afternoon, I went into the small jungle at the back of house,
for helping my brother,
He did 'kapak'-ing all those trees, which actually was a habitat of the jungle ape community!
Then we had the mosquitoes attacks! 
& Yeah, fortunately, i've been provided with a

           Shieldtox aerosol (free 15%)
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Then we had another attack, the Kerengga's Attacks!
Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to protect ourselves, 
so I'm using my hands!, all I did was
killing them, (hoho, with my own hand?? I don't believe it! Waaaaahhhh~)
Yes, we did it, I did it!
It's soo hot there, maybe I'll be deadly tired if I did done all those 'kapak-ing'& 'tebang-ing' stuff.
Then we get in the house again,
& then I sit in front of the pc.
& then I keep pushing, clicking, touching the keyboard until now,
I realised that;
actually I am writtting my post now.

so, today, 
still again i'm fasting!
Yes! Well, according to Prophet Muhammad, 
I am towards the healthy personality~~

puasa seperti biasa....
yakni menahan diri
iri daripada makan dan minum serta melakukan perkara-perkara yang membatalkan puasa.
(goin' mad.)
 I think that's all. & ouh, we have 28 days left! Then we raya, ouh lalala~
*[The daily ramadhan duas will be post soon, insyaAllah..]

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