Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the twilight

To make clear of my title of the day so let me tell you this. 

First, I have just finished reading the Twilight today, its first novel, yeah lame, even though I was like what, had borrowed the book from a friend four years ago and the book was stolen and I had bought another new one for her, and then last year I had bought a complete set of Twilight Saga especially for myself but up until early this morning, I had no interest to read them all. Well, I did only the first ten pages of it and I never thought I gonna really finish them. So well yeah after the miracle, I thought it was not so bad. And I think I gonna catch the second book anyway. Let just leave it at that haha.

Secondly, mom had this sudden obsession of twilighting the moment ahah I mean, not really obsession but in a way that urge us to befriend with the golden hour. Ahhhhh what I mean is we did a lot of sunrise photographing because she thought it was beautiful. Well to some levels, I agreed to that hues and golden silhouettes you wont get during daylight are highly precious, or even in Norwegian Woods, Murakami left me feeling on how the everyday sunrise supposedly indicate the significance of your own rise on this very day and it means hope, but whatever, my skills are the limits. You know how your limits can sometimes take you so low.

So the gabbling ended there and heres the first photo of sunrise I've had.

7.26 am. Somewhere in Kinabalu. Ecewah. Kinabalu ada laut ke adik oi.  It was 12.12.2012 and we were restless so our day began with this. Happy Triple Twelve! Belated though. Aku harap ini adalah Kinabalu tapi its just another everyday mount or hill I'd never love.  

6.55 am .Yang ni pulak, second trial dekat Paris. Ecewah. Harapan la sangat. sejak bila aku pegi Pawis. Taken on 13.12.2012.
6.57 am. Kembar lambat dua saat yang lagi tinggi dan lagi slim dari gambo kat atas. Rona cahaya Parisnya sudah hilang ekekek.

7.14 am. 13.12.2012. Exactly the same venue as above photo, where the sun was nowhere to find. Tapi bersyukurlah sekurang-kurangnya ko masih dikurniakan langit meluas. *wink* If anyone nak jadikan ni cover novel silakan ahaha.

7.23 am. 13.12.2012. Sapa kata matahari tadak?! Ni haaa baru nak muncul. Lambatnya awak datang kitorang tunggu bejanggut!  Dan gambarnya sangat horribel.

And thats it. Saya nak ambik gambar lagi tapi bahaya sebab tadak UV Filter. Sebab orang kata dari mata turun ke hati. Pfft kaitan! XD

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