Friday, December 14, 2012

to the best of friend

Almost everyday after I woke up in the morning I would settle myself for a cup of hot chocolate drink. The hotness of the liquid then would spread its warmth all over my body just as soon as I sipped it. Within His willing it boost up my alertness in an instant. And almost every time it happen the image of a soul I'd truly acknowledge would appear.

So far as I concerned I'm the only one who had this chocolatey milk drink because all of the members in my house have their own favourite cup. Abah prefer his no sugar drink, most likely is Nescafe. Me, I'm a bit shy to say this, it figures no maturity and no elegance at all, but anyway I'd regularly had the Dutch Lady Chocolate drink while the rest basically like the all time favourite Milo; although they all bear the same brown-liquid titles. And thats the end of the story of my family and the drinks range, which of course, is not my main concern.

What I've been doing really is, I am just introducing you the Dutch Lady drink I've favoured! And to the one who had first introduced me to it, and then had give me the whole packet for free...... THANK YOU! It was funny though, among all the gifts I got from everyone around me, there is this one milk powder so unexpectedly there yet I think I'm really enjoying it. Ha. ha.

And whats more special is, today is her birthday! So to the all grown-up Nurul Aina Zainal Abidin, Happy birthday! 

Usually in a time like this we would have conquered the widest and largest room available there in the hostel, either studying or not. And I would miss the glimpse of two bantal in the locker, well three actually, one is the  keras one and a very lembut one, and not to mention the kepala-hello-kitty-with-yellow-rabbit-ear one. Musolla tu dah macam tak cantik kalau tak ada meja merah dengan meja besar gambar langit dengan rumah orang. Ahahaha bestnya tidur kat situ, makan banyak solat awal tidur lambat bangun awal sangat. Ahhhh the benefit I hardly cant get while being at home. T_T

So Aina as you see I dont have anything to give. But thank you for being my real friend even though our friendship had just really begun, for like two months? Ahaha yeah albeit we used to walk to the school like everyday because we wore the same prefect uniform, but we werent so close at that time, arent we? But today the sun is shining bright, and the clouds that are usually hiding it are now nowhere in sight, as if Mother Nature herself knew this was a very special day, so I guess today must be your birthday! Well then I should give a lengthy wish; sebab aku tak pernah wish ko kan. 

Dedicated to a girl I barely know but had been my best friend for ever hehe : Ehem. ehem. Dearest Aina, thank you for being so kind and so generous through thick and thin. I seriously mean that. Aku rasa macam sekejap sangat aku kenal kau tapi sumpah best woha hiperbola di situ. Hmm cakap pasal bola ni tak best pulak. Tapi aina jangan baik sangat karang orang pijak, kena garang sikit macam aku hehe jk. But being seventeen is surely wonderful enough, once in a lifetime, and of course I am missing all our memories back in school (and once in Bandar Kajang). And forget not to thank Allah for He keeps you alive until this very day. Above all thank you for being a good friend of mine ;) 

Dah tu je, not so lengthy as I predicted.

Life goes on and people change. But I hope our friendship will remain the same.
Take a very good care of yourself and Allah will bless you. Amin.

A wish for lots of birthday fun.
Albeit a bit behind time it was done. 
Hoping that all your wishes comes true,
and your birthday cake is as sweet as you!

Last but not last sangat, nah kad beday!

*p/s: Kau terima kan wish yang masuk lambat sikit ni, tak banyak masa free tadi aku buat header aku haaha cantik tak? Panjang kot post!


Syaima' said...

uihhh lawa nye kad. jeles dgn aina ni haha

namasayaaku said...

Syaima jangan jeles. in shaa Allah kalau ada masa nanti aku buatkan ko hekhek ko suke ape ha? takkan aku nak bagi barbie gak tak macho la kan