Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Reality, where are you really?

This is a post dedicated to all the uncomfortable feelings you cant get rid of, (especially when you scroll on instagram). And I wanted to put it into words. I dont care if anyone would bother. But i wanted to understand. And I want to get more comfortable being uncomfortable.

Honestly speaking, I dont feel too good when I happened to bump into some personal instagram account. I only speak of some, but even those some can cause quite a feeling in my chest.

I swear these uneasiness can actually disturbing me from enjoying whats good. In virtual life or not.

There is something disturbing in those photo, something weird with those lifestyle, especially what with those people that I have actually encountered in real life.

I dont believe instagram ever reflect the reality. To me its just an escape from reality, that if you fall too much with it, that's where things got complicated. Because. things. aint. real.

Like the ringgit currency for instance, the decreasing ringgit value does not seem to have an impact on many. On instagram, consumerism power doesnt lose its way to the ringgit issue. And that I always wonder how do these younggg babes got to get many expensive stuff? How hard must it be for them to earn the money? Or they didnt?

Its a most likely that the same people got showered with gifts (that I actually doubted whether they would use so many of those unbranded stuff) and cant the items be channeled to those in need instead?

With all that question, understanding people is a tough job. I dont get people. (Like I dont get myself either.)

It felt like everyone is trying to be different.

To be someone else they are not.

Someone we are just copying.

On social medias, we are more like - exhibiting the superficials

Asking to be 'judge me like this'.

When in real life, some are actually way different than they are in social media. Its painfully a painful sight to experience.

When that uneasiness is there, you know there is something wrong somewhere. It might be my heart, or what? I may never know.

And it made school seems like there's something irrelevant about them. School dont weigh much on teens now, kan? We no longer care so much what the school had taught us as compared to what the social media had. In other word, schools are slowly losing its significance, or so I felt.

I came from a sekolah agama. Well stop that whatever mindsets you have on sekolah agama.  Its a school and by definition it should taught you moral and virtues. And in this new age, i think it is extremely really challenging to nurture one's spiritually when the world (read: social media) is teaching you all about the physicals non-stop. How to #eyebrowonfleek how to be a swag how to hipster how to appear flawless and the lists goes on.

Its a really different platform. Just imagine. From sekolah maahad to this social media trends. It doesnt fit that much. Even kmb, a college that felt so much like a sekolah tarbiyah, a safe place for me, by the look on instagram, is now turning into some place fashinistas chicks ke whatev. I dont know. Sayang,

I'm worried if anyone would be lost in this transition.
As much as I'm worried about my innocent juniors who are still in school, im worried about myself - too.

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