Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I will stick to my own self.

Listen, this is a personally emotional post so you can do whatever you want rather than reading this, okay.  

Assalamualaikum, and hi. 

I love blogging.Yeah like you do. Why not? I mean because it is the only way that you can freely write about just anything you want, and no one else can stop you, no one will have to feed you for what you gonna write, and its all up to you - 100% ly.

Even so, for most of the times , I feel like a crap when I really felt like writing something but I couldnt. And thats sickening. I can't write the way famous peoples do, I cant make a post the way peoples enjoy to read. I can't write poems, good stories, jokes or any spritual post.

I will naturally stuck up my fingers at the keyboard and eventually I didnt make any post at all and I wasted my golden time for nothing.
Of course some times I wonder how it feels like to have thousands followers or to be well-known or at least to be a proper blogger with your own identity. 

Nevertheless - after several times of those wondering, I think I've came into a solution. Well, yes, let's not be a pretender, you are what you are, and I am what I am. Its tiring if you keep faking, and trying to be like others, because you know in the end you cant be like them, or even if you managed to do so, then you're a true copycat, and the feeling isnt satisfying enough to yourself. Urm,thats how I think , if you ask me anyway. 

So, the thing is, just stick to yourself, and be what you are. And if peoples like you, then wow your real identity is likable, so stay that way. And if peoples dont, think twice. Anyway it doesnt really matter, you prefer that way right, to be yourself is more comfortable than being any other soul in this world, so thats it! Live your life!

And I'll stick to my own self, and thats absolutely better .
( like the way I'm writing this post right now, at least I'm typing faster. )

Then, I will write whatever I'm capable of, that is, writing my own mingled topics without fear - since usually I'm capable to do only a certain thing at only a few certain times. 

Hahah, yeah.

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