Wednesday, December 15, 2010

icy beginners.

Life is a perpetual yesterday.

Oh they must be kidding. Yesterday I had a great day and it didnt seem to occur to me again today, so basically that quote is wrong for the time being, whereas I didn't do too many actions today .

But yesterday was a completely inverted hours. 10 o'clock ; Ira, Nabil, Kakak ( my siblings ) and me were going to Sunway Pyramid, I have planned to play ice skating with my friends there even though I have no idea what that ice skating game would be like. I haven't play them before and neither seen one, so I took no preparation at all since the only thing I felt was blank and blurry. By the time we arrived, the ice arena had been packed with crowd and I saw that a lot of falling accidents happened. I swore they seemed terrible in every angle I saw.

Then my friends arrived and yet, they played a little prank on me. Goodness, HAHAH little trick didnt work on me anyway , my dear friends. And straight forward then we put on the skate shoes and played the game. Everything seems like a dream. I dont know how to shape this feeling into words. One moment I'm stepping on the rocky ice floor and the next moment I fell onto the ground and hit everything noiselessly, and once when you have stand up again, all the pain would vanished all of a sudden - miraculously. You didnt even care about all of the eyes that witnessing you was lying down at the icy ground and yet, you actually felt that they were your friends, you've used to them. See, this is magic.

For most of us, we were beginners. So - we talked, we walked, we laughed, we fell, we banged, we crashed, we were gliding, were sliding, we hurtled, we giggled, we injured - all the times. Sorry to say, but I'm enjoying that moment the most because I never play them before ( no annoyance please ) .

Nabil was a good player since the moment he stepped on the arena though. Well, he was a born skater, I mean, he's good at any skater-skating tasks. ( No bragging okay ) Yeah, I mean, after all, he's a skateboard skater right? So of course he could play a thing like this. And so did my friend, Anna who had played them several times before, so yeah she had mastered them before us of course. So mostly she was the guider and the teacher-in-charge.   ; ) Oh yes, and Nabil used to say
The Pain Is Temporary

Okay, so enjoy it while it lasts. Okay, honestly I do enjoy. But the problem is, at the few last minutes, I was feeling a little subconscious, or so I thought. I couldnt control my feet anymore and I kept falling cluelessly and eventually I walked out of the arena when I really felt my feet was ripped and I'm dozing off and I couldnt bear it anymore. I dont understand why it happened though. So yes, that's the thing I wished didnt happened yesterday, but no one could change it, so I'm letting it go.

I bid goodbye to my friends at around 6, and heading off to the main entrance ( the one with the enormous lion head ) to catch off my siblings but I failed as I got lost in that huge and complicated shopping complex. Duhh, even the name is complex. So after about that 30 minutes of lost, I asked a salesgirl for the directions help and I found the way out successfully. Tadaaa! My siblings were already there waiting for me with bored expressions and weary faces. Dihee.  ( I thought the main entrance must be in the lowest ground, but it turned out on the 2nd most upper level! Neyh! ) And thats when I think the end of my post will be.

T  h  e       e  n  d   . 

With that being told, I thanked Allah for all these precious moment,

I'm so very glad to meet you, Ana, Wardah and Nadrah.Yang penting seronoklah ;DD

With all due respect,
Ulfah Adnan. 

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