Monday, December 27, 2010

Eventually . . . Its Still A Mystery Event . . .

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Assalamualaikum. ( Jawab ) Dah berhabuk dah . Hari tu pergi Balai Seni Lukis Negara, tapi tak bawak kamera. Menumpang ihsan orang je lah haha. Okay stop. Masuk cerita.

Well, a day before I got my PMR result we went there supposedly to attend the Rantai Art Event. Well, this is how it was supposed to look like.

Okay, thats it. You can see many booth right? Yea, I would expecting something like that too. But then, I dunno, something went wrong while I was there..Unfortunately, I couldnt see anything.. Not totally nothing but those booth weren't there.. Too sad, too bad isnt? Plus it was raining, and I dunno , the weather played its role to make that place seemed gloomy.

Well since I couldnt catch any glimpse of the rantai booth ( except for the Khat booth down there and some artworks ) so we went inside directly, which luckily, the talk from Sue Anna Joe was still on! Haha at least! I'm not dreaming, there's an event here! Yay! Photography Talk! We're late though, so for sure there's a lot of stuff we missed.

"Rawrrrr....." HEHE.
Photo from here.
Serius gaya cikgu kan?
Photo from here
Anyway, she was sooo cool and steady, sempoi and santai and macho. Er haha buang lah macho tu. Well she showed us her own collection of awesome photos and gave a brief description each and blablablabla
and kept reminding the needs of being creative. You wouldnt believe it, guess what, most of her photos were taken in her own house and the models was no one else but herself. Cool isnt?

Okay. Now this one, if I'm not mistaken, she said this is the one that won the International Photography Award ( or somthing ) , haha wow super COOL lagi! Well simply it means that you didnt need that sexiness or whatever to make your photo interesting, even though you're hijabing urself or such, if you have that skills so there you go.. Ok, back to the photo. And hmmm while she's explaining, I kept wondering.... 'Dekat mana dia shoot ni eh? and wondering.......... 'Masjid mana?' And wonder .... 'Turki ke?'

Tuptup, guess what!? Haha, Kak Anna cakap background itu adalah permaidani! Haha, simply a carpet ! And we the audience were like 'Haa?! Whattt?!!' Yeah, I've forgotten her concept of bergambar-di-dalam-bilik ;)) Thumbs up Kak! So far, I got many meaningful lessons to be used on that day. Hahah tulah sapa suruh tak datang? ; )

Okay now, nak sambung ke berhenti?

Hahah, sambung sikit eh. Since I seriously didnt see ANY rantai booth there so we went to other galleries there. There were many though; like Bakat Muda Sezaman, and I cant remember the others. Seronok ada, best ada . My parents bought a lot of art stuff there, they said it worth it. Hahah. So I recommend you guys to go there and go buy anything hahah ( even the rantai had ended now... ) And we left the Balai around 6++, to see that ALL the existing booth were CLOSED ( including the khat booth ) . Apakah?! Cett, entahlah.

I dunno what to say , and I cant even answer why the booth were closed - I assumed because its raining... Instead, I just saw a photo of the Rantai event area which is full of booth just now ( blog sape entah ). Nampak meriah. Amazingly I didnt see it... (???)

So eventually I was disappointed and both envying the other peoples who could see those booth in reality and buy great stuff there. Huargh T____T . Until now, I'm still perplexed WHY?! (if you ask me)

* We ran into Fizo Omar - with the rest Siti Di Alam Fantasi crew - at Istana Budaya then. And disappointment flew away ;DDDDD

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