Friday, December 24, 2010

PMR results .

Today I'd like to write something longer than you write. Haha sorry if its annoying u guys...

It was around 6 , I was in the airport and not to mention, I was wearing the school uniform.

I know it was totally weird, plus having those stares from strangers were making me really really uncomfortable but I've got no choice, I'm going straight away to the school after that. No one else know that though, except for my family of course. Result would be out soon.

I couldnt predict what I would get from my slip because I've forgotten how I answered my exam papers and how I felt at that time. I didnt felt anything . I didnt have any dream or whatsoever ideas what would happened. Okay so thats it, nothingness haha.

But the first time my nerves impulse started to work was when I arrived at the hall - not because of the result I would get in a few minutes - but because Shaunie had whispered something to me, something I couldnt accept it at first, or I thought maybe I've heard it wrong, but it wasnt, what she told was a news.

"Only 67 candidates got straight A . . . "

Goodness, that was freaky! I've became to an abrupt spasm all of a sudden. I'm so sorry teachers. We're sorry, we didnt mean it. We could do better . . .

I dunno what was happening then, seriously . I just sit and hide from others because I just couldnt be with others and talk and guess what we'll get. But I couldnt stand it too, so I went to the back of the hall. But then thank God my name was announced.

I dunno. I saw peoples smile and startled and afraid, I heard cries and laughters.

I heard the word TAHNIAH here and there. Yes, thank you. But then for what? Tahniah for those who got 9A result but why? Was it for the same reason we say tahniah to the others , or what? And more importantly, is it a genuine congratulation? Is it sincere? Or else?

Okay nevermind. I cant think of anything else, and I shouldnt accuse things this and thats so I wanna give the BIGGEST
for everyone who got their slip yesterday! Everyone should be happy isnt it?

Remember, it is so bad to differentiate and compare peoples. Because once in the God's view we're just the same and only faith - the thing we arent able to judge - distinguish us. I wonder what will it feels like in the Hereafter? Obviously something more & more unpredictable, Ya Allah . . . Semoga sesuatu yang lebih baik menanti kami kelak . . .

Nevertheless , for everything He'd given us these days, ALHAMDULILLAH . All praises to the Only God, Allah SWT.

Fabiayyi alai rabbikuma tukazziban ?

Okay and erm just asking, dah sujud syukur? ;DD

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Aiyeen nAmA sAyA said...

nice english ! ^^
tahniah arr sist! again~ hehehe
_aiyeenpanda_ hahaha