Wednesday, December 8, 2010

once upon a time ....

... I really really love this! Often, in my earlier times, I found myself upon the danger of drooling. Lied, anyway.

It's macaroon! It's a French snack, something like a marshmallow I guess, ( though I haven't taste it yet T.T" ) or something similar to that. I love the fluffy, the cutey and that crispy looks they often gave me. Or in the other word, they look yummyly adorable. ;DDDD

But since I just had a mouthful of creamy cheese just now, I felt great. It was my first time eating a whole great bunch things like that privately and joyfully. Ever.

A tasty approval welcomed me and I think, they were way much better than the macaroons ( no offense please ;D ) One thing I have to say :


And one more things I want to say ;


And that's exactly how my longing towards the macaroons ended - tragically . 

*But anyway macaroon, dun wory! I'll still wanna taste you if you ever wanna come to me darl! Seriouslyyy! T.T"

That's all for now.
:) Pray for the good.

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