Friday, March 15, 2013

yunaa new music video with owl city (free poster included)


Okay. Chill. I dont know whats wrong with me but I cant help loving her haha. I think you dont need to know this but i'm telling you anyway. These three are my top musicians if you ask me,yuna zarai she herself and foster the people and owl city. 

So you know the feeling when two of your favourite artist are actually performing together! Even though the possibility of their genre to clash in a rhythm is actually quite to zero but you know what, owl city actually is featuring yuna in their lattest 'the croods' soundtrack called 'shine your way'!!! Ohmg this is unbelievable right. yuna ft adam young kot haha. Frankly the song isnt quite adam and not so yuna too, and they even got too many 'shine' redundancy in it which is the down side.  But after a few times hearing it, on the up side, its quite good! And as you can see I'm pretty excited about their duo! :D  

And not to mention, there's this yuna new song named 'i wanna go' which is yeah catchy and what made me kinda thrilled the moment I heard it was, it was so foster the people-ish! Believe me. Did she listen to fop too. haha. And last thing about yuna here, she has an upcoming single called 'Lelaki' and its really really a blast! ;DD

So there you go my unhealthy obsession of yuna. Haha. Oh yeah here some bit to anyone who addicted to anything about korea haha.

Haha cool or not cool?

Okay people, lets get straight. To be honest the main reason I created this new post is to give this to anyone who bother. Forgive me, you know, I kan suka melancong dan melencong haha. 

Here is not so poster inspired by the palestinian. Actually I created this for something else but too bad it turn out tak sesuai. haha. Because it consumed my two hours so I dont want to waste it so I moved it here. So guys  pleasee feel free to use it. ;)

Sometimes I wonder why did Allah created this so evil-like israel. Kenapa kerja mereka ni asyik menghantam orang palestine semata. Tapi tengoklah sekarang rupanya disebabkan kekuatan warga palestine, tak rasa ke kita umat Islam lagi bersatu padu bertambah mutu. Aura mereka tersebar ke seluruh dunia. You even can feel it how positive they are!

Btw let us all stand for palestinian! They're so strong and will ever be! 


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