Saturday, March 30, 2013

sketch 004: bolat

Salam. Tah daa its about april! Apart from learning all over again the fundamental of religion (which progress slower than any tortoise), and procrastinate really a lot, Ive started to use colour in my sketch (if this is call a sketch). For real! Before this I didnt use shades and highlights. Btw Iwonder how sketch differs from illustrations, painting, scribble or even doodle? But hah I'm feeling like a small child again. This is the only thing I really enjoy doing it. So bear with me guys. I will make sure sure I will spam my only blog with eveyrthing I like. Unfollow me if you feel like gila annoyed with all this selfie posts. And yes people i know some of you must have really hate me so much. I frustrated you by not answering calls and messages and god knows what else. I know how does it felt too but I think im so unorganized now. At some points I hate myself too for being so miserable. I have thrown my phone away. use my mail instead okay boleh. I checked it every six hours a day haha. Happy april to all! May Allah bless you and ease our pains. sory. :)


Miyek said...

Yang bawah itu apa benda ? ahahaha comel gilaaaa :DDD

Ulfa Ady said...

Oh tu paos cacat haha. Miyekkkkk btw cane nak komen kat blog ko?