Thursday, March 7, 2013


Salam so wow, its been two week i've been away from my computer I usually use because my brother borrow this. So I ended up using this very very low graphic punya toshiba notebook. Agak tension sebenarnya but my bro lagi kesian. Semoga cepat beli laptop baru amin. haha. So even ada kerja terpaksa guna photoscape je malang tak hahah. Itu pun baru download dah darurat. and wahaha! Now I'm thrilled! Setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya! Now the computer is returned and im like crazy hahaha. Its complete with not just photoscape, lightroom 4, photoshop cs6, paint tool sai but also 3d max and most importantlyyyyyy photomatix pro andddddddd adobe illustratorrr cs5 haha. Im that type who got extremely ultra excited to explore sendiri new software. Im easily thrilled with software, even it is an online app like audiosauna okay but you know, my parents dont share the same eagerness as I am, and I dont think telling god about these sorts (though He already know) is appropriate anyway haha. The feeling is kebabom! Hahaha. Walaupun sebenarnya tengah sedih. I've messed up photoshop punya setting. Dah tak boleh bukak. First time kena macam ni dalam sejarah. Dia kata 'cant open scratch file because file is locked' Nak buat apa ni. So google2 tak dapat selesaikan jugak akhirnya I just click the Ai icon just a few seconds ago and my heart bloom for the other side of adobies and forget psd for awhile haha and akhirnya bukak blogger. I think its too awesome gile. Habis la aku procrastinate untuk benda alah ni pulak haha. Yes, I'm also the type who can easily forget an existing problem and runaway from it. Bahaya I think. Anyway dulu tak nak download Ai takut berat sangat laptop but meehhhh dah ada takkan nak buang. You see I am that excited. Promptly I created a post. Haha. :( Bye.

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