Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Larian Ke Comic Fiesta

Wohoa. Assalamualaikum And Hi. Does it sounds I'm  overexcited for running all the way to Comic Fiesta?
Obviously it was the most epic event for all Malaysian Otaku. But take a note that I'm not any type of existed otaku. So therefore why shud I jumping running or so wuteva all the way to that event? In fact, I only knew about the existence of that event barely on the night before. And suddenly I agreed to go, ignoring the so little money I had in my pocket. But then, it turned out so awesome! Hehehe.

The true account was, I went for a 7km road run earlier that morning - when all comic lovers were busy preparing cosplays to put on and heading to KLCC. Larian Jom Kitar Semula at Putrajaya. I registered my name as soon as I read the Kitar Semula word few weeks ago. I dont know why but I guess I'm in love with the earth so much more than before. To be honest, that was my first 7km run in my life. And I was so happy because I managed to end the route successfully. Alhamdulillah luckily I've got a place as well, so there you go, I got my first real road race medal in my life. Haha.

And straight away after that, we went for the COMIC FIESTAAAA at KLCC! Oh yay, it was seriously awesome! I'm not going to say more, here are some photos. Quite a number.
While queuing in the very looonnngggg queue, aku curik amek gambar korang  maaf.
Cosplay competition on stage
That Sunday was the toughest day for my foot. I didnt realize that we've run and walked for so many miles because later back at home, everything was aching and I forgot that tomorrow will be another day with another tiring events. Pffttttt -.-" 

*p/s: Remember God wherever you are because God never forget you. 

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