Monday, April 1, 2013

hot air balloons in putrajaya

Though the fiesta is annually held, I think this year punya iklan wasn't that gempak enough. Well okay practically we came to watch the hot air balloons rise but since we came around 8 (I forgot to use the physics) which means we were late, so we ended up seeing various types of balloons. Like kids cartoons balloons, and the giant bubbles har har har. The moment we came the real balloons already flew far away from reach, but not to mention we did catch a glimpse of a few. But seriously its only really a few sadly, much lesser than last year though, I think. 

So if you wonder how does hot air balloon works I can tell you a bit here because apparently I did learnt it through physics some times ago haha. Its amazing that they dont have engine yet they could really fly! 

Well the balloon rises because, apparently it is hot air balloon. 
How does it become hot? Via the flame from the burner obviously. So that makes it contains hotter air than the surrounding air. And hotter air rises faster than cooler air. Because hot air is lighter than cool air sebab less mass per volume dia. Yang badan belon ni orang panggil envelope. Thats why the envelope size is so obese since she need to give birth to so many heated babies so, they all as a big family can lift the balloons altogether! Haha apa punya bahasa ni. (As the day getting hotter, this explains why almost all the balloons gone by the time we arrived at 0800H ) The hot air needs to be propelled upwards obviously, so thank god the burner is there. Burner tu semestinya ada control dia. And its a matter of buoyancy. If you wanna go up so provide more heat, kalau nak ke bawah bebaskan udara tu, sepatutnya real hot air balloon ada valve kat atas balloon tu nak kasi udara keluar, but I couldnt find the valve in the balloons in my photo. Kalau nak ke atas ke bawah memang boleh kawal, tapi kalau arah kanan kiri tu kena ikut arah angin. Ni yang kena kemahiran betul. And since you cant really predict the air (can you!?), there should be a co-pilot yang dekat darat sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga. Anyway thats it. I totaly cant recall whats the name of the principle involved though. Nilah bukti study sebab exam haha. 

Anyway since child I really wanna ride in there because of Martini and the hot air balloons. If you read Martini, its a great story book for children with really really beautiful illustrations. Even now I can still remember the pictures from the books. I wanna feel to be in it for real, some days later.  Not just hanging a few feets up in the air, but really soaring in the air through miles in the balloon. pergh.


NaD 95 said...

gamba ulfah dgn bubbles tu mcm nk buat MV.. haha

insua.rocket said...

jom joint official blog giant bubble