Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bukan sebarang pen!

This post have nothing to do with my blog url! But both dakwat in this pens are awesome. They come out last year. I think this pen really ah mazing. well, I think who doesnt?

Everyone know wacom is the genius when it comes to digital painting but I'm still really really impressed with Inkling, even now. Apart from you can draw just in anywhere you like, it got layers function. Okay man its so awesome how can I didnt blog this before haha. Check it out! Check it out! I mean it. Check it out. 

And this ( I'm not so keen about buying this personally because I cant draw 3ds haha ) I didnt doubt its awesomeness though! 3Doodler allows people create 3D sketches! Imagining that seems impossible but wallaaaaah. One of the coolest things ive ever seen. I may sound crazy but do check out the video.

Thats it. Proceed to their websites to buy it. And tell me if you got one. T_T


Kakzakie said...

As for auntie not interested at this moment, but believe to those who like Ulfa or those who like to sketch may keen to know more about this.

Ulfa Ady said...

thank you auntie. yes im a huge fan of this world haha