Thursday, April 18, 2013

open days smka mh

Assalam guys! Since its already thursday, I decided to put up the poster for the event today! This weekend we have three subsequent open day in smka maahad hamidiah! Hah ambik kau, bukan sehari je tahu ;D They have lots of activities going on but regardless, just chilling around is fun enough. Its cool to meet up, and the ukhuwah fillah reunite! Berpenat-lelah adik-adik kita menerbukakan maahad. So yep hamidians, are you coming home? 


This is the so last minute flyer that was initially created as the official. Atm I was supposed to channel this to the authorities last week bagai nak mati, I swear it was the worst server connection I ever had. The file pending failed like for ever but its okay, I enjoyed doing it nonetheless.

Btw guys, kalau tak ada kerja jom datang santai kat maahad hamidiah kajang minggu ni! Bila lagi boleh buat muka tak malu chill kat sekolah orang haha. Sekolah agama lagi tu sayangku XD Its real easy to reach maahad, its just next to SILK highway. betul-betul sebelah Country Height. But even if you get lost, just ask me or whoever hamidians your way around. Lets show some supports and share some love  :)

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