Friday, December 18, 2009

V for Victory or M for Menang?

"Mamak, teh tarik seplo!" 



"Mamak! Teh tarik satu lagi!"

The warung kopi is crowded with either men or women, the major are men definitely. Gathering for a gold medal after the long harsh two decade we wait & wait. 'Wahhh,1-0 for Malaysia!' The exuberance are clearly obvious. Malaysian are cheering & enjoying the day after the long exhausted period. Just in time, the new year comes, & the unbelievable success achieved.

I wasnt in front of the television when the result had been on screen, not even in the house. I was in Mariott Hotel, spending two hours++ as my mum & I accompanied my father who have a formal function there. Siting in the lounge, with my mum, & doing almost nothing was tiring enough. Yes we didnt deny the furnisher & the structure are marvellous; the big chandelier, the large Christmas tree, all the embelishment are decorated nicely which then create a form of elegance impact, but the scene was enjoyable at nothing. Ergh it isnt very bored I think, yeh at least I've had a fresh rich breathe there. :)) A rotund voice belonged to a singer from the bar at the corner echoed non-stop, the men at my back are clapping happily for the entertainment. Entertainment? Well I doesnt think so.

One Message Receive

Oh! Just then we heard the news that, Malaysia won? Ahhhah, Alhamdulilah! The letter V for Victory are not only for the letter V itself (Vietnam). Anyway.the little Malaysia's tiger have roared!

One Message Receive

Again, the story of the victory was informed.That was the time when all the Malaysia at last celebrate the match with relief & satisfaction, and the viatnamese left frustrated..Well, it's just the beginning. The journey is still very long. Maal hijrah, new year comes, the new book have just opened. So do the Malaysia team, their journey has just begun, steps & steps will they take to barier the greater success. Not only them, so do us, we, ourselves especially.  Does we have what it takes to be the real mu'min? That's the question, & there left the answer; mu'min or fasik.

The bell have rang. Time is up! We have been alarmed for such a long period for an action, for a change. It's enough we have hit the snooze button for many times. Now, it's the end, let us wake up, enough with the dreams. The deadline is over. And the new task have begun. Wake up! Today is a great new day!

May this new year lead us to a new chapter of life. New meaning,new pages, with a greater achievement, greater behaviour and a better 'us'. RENEW our mission, & shoot for the goal!

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