Thursday, December 31, 2009

1/2 2009 + 1/2 2010 = check the answer in your calendar.

Oooh bad.  It's 31st Disember now - the very last day of 2009.

Luckily I've read other's blog yang mengatakan "hari terakhir 2009" & yg seumpamanya. Wallamak. Kalau tak memang tak ingat laahh - the word 'school' is seriously annoying now. Haha, even if I try to understand the calendar now, it's too late, i have messed things up  & my brain can't work properly & cant even count the days exactly-due to the supergubra emotion I have with me now.

I've even miscommunicated with Zana just because the days & the date & later on thanks Aina for telling me that today is 31st Dis which is equal to Thursday, & yesterday was 30th - Wednesday. I'll notice that.

Thank you.


rda hot said...

Kalau cuti sekolah, cuti uni memang tak ingat tarikh. Dan tak ambil tahu pun. Haha.

namasayaaku said...

Tuptup sekali dah bukak sekolah - nak terima kenyataan - aduhh, ni yang payah ni.