Saturday, December 19, 2009

the friday & thejournal.

Todayyy, is a dayy i should say yeayyy yeayyy again.


Just to spend a very few minutes between the Solat Jumaat period, we decided to go to the Fabulous Food Malaysia Festival at PWTC.  Mainly all the booth are Chinese! Weird, as I tought it's suppose to be the-so-called 1 Malaysia Fabulous Food. But what appear in my eyes were obviously Chinese food were conquering the whole festival hall, three Malay booth: 1 Tempe Man, 1 Coklat Dazzle, 1 sambal tempe booth, & a foreigner booth, with no Indian food or either Iban, Kadazan or such. Somehow, the Kementerian Pelancongan should take more action for that unbalance 1Malaysia Fabulous Food hehh.

Ni sume dekat Cina  punya bahagian.

Gila promosi~

Yes, a bit fishy, but dont deny it is a dessert maa.

But anyway, the free food tasting are seriously  fabulous & marvellous enough no doubt, hahhhahh.Each time the taster dishes came to be served on the desk; in their so fresh&good-looking, people, everyone are almost likely competing to grab that very golden opportunity by munching every piece of the food as fast as they can. Grr, the right somehow went wrong,& now i dont think the phrase 'First Come First Serve' are the best solution to make things 'fair' enough.

Right after we performed the Zuhur Prayer, we headed into The Mall Putra Place. IQ Pintar is waiting 4 me up there on the 25th floor! Well actually I wasnt planning to attend this program as I would never care for it. Until one day, Jehaada cames & asking me to through her message. & I said 'Ok!' as I ought it would bring so much fun!

And now you know, she is the one who lead me here (No, i'm not in the blaming-her mood.)And the idea of bringing Mama & also Kakak participating in this course was also brought by Jehaada & I tought 'ahh. okey juga.'
Hahahahh, as ecpected, Jehaada sit beside me & keep me accompanied 24hours, hahhh. lucky? Ehh, akk baju pink, idk ur name, but anyway it's nice to spend that moment & get 2 knowu.bleeghhh.

The program was just okey, but there is a lot of things they have to improve, from every angle. The technique they show us, by the way, are quite simple, & too easy. Well, she didnt explain how to apply that technique in other situation & She didnt even tell us a brief description about what she's doing, about the so-called-technique she did. I dont really care about that if it wasnt about the smaller children there.Or else they might think that that tecnique was only for the class that until whenever will be just a class. It is a big possiblities it will become a useless.

I'm sure this unexplained matter will then be answered by the word, 'If you want more, so do come over the next seminar. It worth it, RM 2000.' Like 2000? I shrugged, will never I say I want.& one more thing, if the intention we come to school everyday, we learn the whole syllabus just because we want to earn money, that's meaningless. Crap!

What if the degree we have doesnt bring us the 'money' in future?
Was it worth it?

It doesnt.

Meaning that whatever we do, just make sure our intention are right. It doesnt matter if what we expected  doesnt happened, so let us hope for the Hereafter rewards. Rewards from the Almighty, Allah SWT.

The post have come to the end. Well I'm not suppose to write a long post anyway. As teacher usedto say it will increase the grammar mistakes.Deeply I hope I could use a proper grammar & somehow it will effect & enhance my english mark. But somehow something went wrong, mispelled and etc.I should do no more typing now. Till then.

Bye now.! >.<



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