Saturday, December 26, 2009

the very last word before 2010.

It's raining heavily now, shaking me like a monster harsh grip. But it really doesnt matter. The only thing that make me unsettled & even worse are about the year i will left in a few days more!

But a miracle happened, and keep me calm & grew happilyy. Thankfully, I've finished preparing my school stuff 80% yesterday. But I ended by buying a shoe with some white lines which make me a bit worried to wear it to the school then. Nvrmind, i dont want to bother you with that.

About 2 in the midnight yesterday, I was figuring out how the facebook work & I was exploring  the world wide web. And guess what? 'Its like picking up a miracle off the sidewalk, like kitten in the box.'

Yes. Its shocking. The moment started to widen the range of my curiosity. Actually it's about AFS. It's very suprising me even it is merely concern about those well-achievement-student. The three word make me anxious but I dont care. I will dream whatever I wish so please dont ask me why. :))

What I need right now, are a set of advanced skill & some useful method to resolved the language problem, both English and Arab severely. Will I make it? For sure, I wouldnt shrugged. I'm gaining the experience full of knowledge!

The holiday are almost over. Seriously, its OVER! So, hurry up! Finish those unsettle work! And grab your things. We're going to school! :))

By the way, this holiday wasnt really bad after all. I've make many new friends throughout the web, penpals are fun! I have explored the site which I found thousand of great site, ohh its awesome & soo cool! & the homework, thankGodness wasnt very burdening. I'm glad. Whatever it will be, 2010 are standing just behind the door. Wait, & we'll open it!InsyaAllah.

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. Bill Gates.

I hate to say it but,
honestly, its fun to have people hear what you've babling all about.
Bahahhhh. :)
Thank you for reading. Heheheh.


azlynfauzi said...

(since this sounds like a private post, mcm segan nk post, tp what the heck--)
Abt your shoes.. are they the North Star ones?
Ones with white lines along the side of each shoe?
I believe OK je, klu nk pakai..

Klu x silap hr tu ada bincang abt dos-and-don'ts kat skola, rsenya as long as it's black, and everything else are according to the rules (meaning:: no punk/ pink(?)/ rainbow-coloured laces with furry blue socks or sth alike)..
then it's ok.

A word of advice, though: Klu nk beli kasut baru for the years to come; buy the ones entirely black, just to be save. Kays?

*Srsly. Akk doakan kjayaan kte bersama; may it be adek2 or kakak2 or abang2 (?) O_O


namasayaku said...

haahhahahh. lol. *noded.
i wanna stress out that ASF word btw. Do u apply 4 that program? I mean seriously i've been addicted to that ASF,
seriously it's sooo cool!

Then, about the shoe.

Ergghhh. Entah what the crap I bought it! Its hard to explain laah, naah it isnt north star. *gulp.
Err thank u 4 that explanation. somehow I'm a bit relief now, but still somehow I'm worrying it.

U see,the shoe have some "saluran pernafasan" ehh that look almost like a little tiny polka dot. Ergghh. I know it my fault then. Nvrmind, i'll use my old one just in case..

Ohh akak KP,
i hope you'll be kind enough~
... T.T"

namasayaku said...

*AFS, not ASF. sorry.

Btw, thankyou for the wish. & the advice. U know, I'm too choosy just 2 buy a pair of shoe.

Yes, cemerlanglah PMR &SPM 2010!

Fight & struggle!!!(!!)

azlynfauzi said...

Weh. Kejap2.
AFS tu hapekebendanye?
*mode blur: ON*
is it an animal?

namasayaaku said...

oh. ehh.
igt akk tau.

er. no laah.
it's student exchange program.
hehe, jom lah apply.

azlynfauzi said...

Ohh, I've heard of that before!
Sememangnya interesting, but I can't run away from reality, dearie.
My future = left undecided; still based on SPM no matter what.
You go ahead la~ (^_^)b

namasayaaku said...

oh ok laa.
dont bother u then.
but that afs are really
challenging kalau nak.

*mak kate:better takyah. :(