Thursday, December 31, 2009

electric shock. (!)

Maahad Hamidiah is under transformation right now. & so do the students. You have heard the news - the news that make people mad, excited, nervous, angry, & 1000 other unexpected reaction. The students's streaming are seriously insane.

This & that, here & there, we have been mixed for a reason we try to understand. We try to figure out what the message of all this. Maybe in this position, all of us can strike for the PMR with more confident or  we can make such a strong & good relationship or else we can know ourself better. Who know?

Now I've opened my eyes- to see that we are not descriminated by any levels, not separating by class, not dividing by who's the smartest or who's the worst but we are mainly in the same n the same batch, or I would prefer to say the same class. 

Dont worry my friends, we'll make it through. You know, we'll make it.

& just now, I'm listening to the renewed schools' anthem, which I have stated before. It's pretty cool, the music is a bit in egyptian melody, & the others are just slightly different. Hahah, as Uztaz Zainaphi's words 'KP yang bertugas sering mengeluarkan suara ke laut, gunung dan bukit - bukau.' All the best 2010!

We'll make it!


fatimah arr said...

haha..ustaz2..lagu uh da lama wujud..cume belum tukar secara rasmi..

namasayaaku said...

ooh ye ke.

now i know.