Sunday, February 24, 2013


Yes I am still in my le miserables days. Do most the spm leavers are feeling like this? Bcause I watched adibah vlog and exactly we share some atmosphere there. Last three days I had a heart attack when my tumblr was attacked by a hacker virus. Now a guy from India ask for a collabo. So I though thats something really real, a business on boundaries! I ought to give it a serious consideration and discussion, so I took my times to think of the plans. Who can make the decision in just a day? After all I never believe in networking guys. But now its freaking scary. I said he can't force me whatsoever since the choice, too, is in my hand. I don't believe with creeper and I said my defiance no. Maka sekarang he kept mocking me with angry threats via mails and webcam and calls. Thank God its through a spare mail. How brave I am telling you this. But just remmber there's another side of the world which is full with orang jahat and freaks and horny guys and creeper.
But theres another thing that keep bugging me still. Faith.
My friend said if you dont know why the reason you're doing it, then don't do it. I am a born muslim. I was raised with islamic societal norm practically. So since forever I do lot of things because of the other muslim did it too. But I do not know the word takliq by then. Whenever someone tell me the reason why we need to do this and that, my uztazah for instant, I dont remember how I'd reacted at that time, but now it seems ambiguous. Just because someone told me something,it doesn't mean that its 100% true and I gonna believe it right away. My friend said if you are messed up, feeling lost and dont know what you dont know about the true islam, then start from the scratch. Do research, and do what you think you really believe. 
Doubt no more. Quality guaranteed. And so she said. 
Yes the world is also some small place for those strong believers like her.

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Sabrina Z said...

Salam kak ulfah. Hi! Umm hehe is it possible for me to contact you via email? If not, is there any other way? I've a favour to ask (don't worry, it's not that huge) hehe thanks sis!