Monday, February 18, 2013

Muslims rule!

Last night fireworks. View from my house. I'm having my break and I'm sorta happy. Rumor has it that jules and yuna are getting legally bonded soon.  I saw his fitting photo at hattadolmat coulture. Yay I'm so glad if its true. May Allah bless them.
Oh yes yes yes. Found a bunch of really useful websites. I could sense their sincerity founded these webs. They're simply amazing! Masya Allah, may Allah rewards your good deeds! Hope you have bookmarked this sites. 

Inspiring people. Muslim rules!

“Keep your head held high? No, make sure to also keep your head aimed at the direction of the ground. Become acquainted with it, because eventually it’s going to be the place your body calls home.”


miai said...

Cane oppa buat gambar tuh bergerak ? :0

Ulfa Ady said...

Miaiii guna photoscape ;)