Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Princess Life

Salam! Honestly I have tonnes of stories to tell you guys here but since things are going pretty busy right now so lemme just post some updates here okay. It feels so wrong to see my blog unattended lol. I have posted the first half about kelantan previously and I did drafted the second half of it long ago. But before I even able to publish that I actually have been there again for personal matter for one brief day. I thought the journey in my previous post was my last time seeing kelantan for like this becoming five years or more but then again I've seen it again. And now since I've tasted various buses for travels, all of which judgement made was from the upper deck,  I ranked Sani Express as first, Mutiara as second, and Transnasional as third. Sani was the best because they have movies you can watch haha. Oh yeah and alQuran as well. Which suit the first rank just fine. Now I enjoy traveling alone. Ahaha sound so forever alone isn't it. But its not so bad as we teens thought. In fact its like a try-an-error-exam which is a matter of making the right choices, and theres lot of strangers to greet too hahaha. And though I have started the long process of my driving license month ago, I didn't proceed them because of the aforementioned reasons. I know most of my friends have at least own an L. While my driving spirit is slowly evaporating. Hmmmmmm I really need to find some times asap before it completely gone! 

Anyway currently I have been working some small bits of designs. I'm ok with it although I gain no RM800  in my pocket at all. I think and I hope its getting more serious. I used to love to do any computer jobs but, since more than once I had unwillingly fall asleep during my Word&Excel tasks, I'm afraid the word love no longer fit in my resume. So thats why I think its good to work at your own room plus its so comfy. But working individually has its negative sides too. For me, I remember since I was form two, people ask me for help in their works. Growing up with a father who love to repair computer and mend through its motherboard, I cant remember when I started to know photoshop and related (it doesnt link so much to my dad ikr ), but in my form two was my first time doing a business company logo. Bceause I was immature and less rational at that moment so whenever I willing to help it, its okay if I received no payment at all. I didn't know how I appear in their eyes, because there's even some times when the seniors asked me to do their art projects, and foolisly I did it (honestly what I did was fairly not better than what they did). Isn't it obvious that there are lots of people out there who sees through you, and they use what you didn't see in you before you realised yourself. Thats why those who contradict this norm often mark as an excellency instantly. As the time goes on, I learnt to be more decisive. I cannot continue to help everyone anytime. Until one day, I realised I had had enough. I need to say no, which seem so hard for my type. I had been deceived by some people who promises are like water, they keep leaking out no matter how many times you try to hold them in your palms. Money never came in my bank. And I felt sorry for myself, and somehow my parents too. I feel like they are undemining me because I'm not certified by any instituitions nor any levels but at the same time, they did took away my output. And that was the moment I hate to lean on people and their money. And I hate people who steal other people abilities too. So that was when I  learnt how to stand up for myself. Yes I am not as kind as you think.With that being told, I want you to stand up for yourself too. Why you need to lean on someone else when God created you your own mind, your own feet and all?

My goodness, Forgive me. I thought this suppose to be a quick update but I can't help spilling that out. Because the teacher back at mahad tu ask to do some murals. And honestly, the first thing I ask was about the peruntukan. Obviously I need some expanses to pergi balik there and to buy the paint and all. As if to mean that I was rude, the discussion stop right there. In fact I know last year they spent RM5 000 for the proffesionals mural teams set up for the boys hostel, thats why they intend for someones cheaper. I'm okay with being cheaper, but being free is quite a no-no. Hmmm. Anyway I decided to put some photos of the live in the fab lines haha, of a royal family. These photos were from my collections from istana negara okay. Bcause I want to create some jealousy mood at my atmosphere here buahahaha. Since everyone dream to live in the castle. Its like kun fayakun la konon, they always get what they want in a blink of an eye. They have never been deceived, money is never a problem, even being poor isn't in their dictionaries. But I think, as how much we want to wear the princess tiara, thats how much the princess want to sleep in our shoes. Its no use to be someone if we didn't enjoy being that someone. After all isn't life has always been depicted with full of dramas?

If I were the queen, I'm not sure whether I would place my tiara to public. Not on a dusty pillow definitely hahahah, but on every little girl's head! ;)
Ohoho isn't there any better proffesion than hers? For heaven sake! Fated to be YM!
Okay thats all! Quick update la sangat. See ya!


Baiti Fauzi said...

So true..I felt the same way sometimes..

Kakzakie said...

Luckily auntie know you are Mama Ju's princess as your blog don't have link. Plas ask your mum to teach you how to get the link dear.
Auntie been followed you as 105 follower. Nice to know you...