Monday, February 18, 2013

mental notes

Honestly I don't know whats wrong with my internet connection this past weeks. Extremely slow -  which has never happened before. Looks like someone has cut in our line. Yes, I'm half suffering and now is among those moments of the only exceptions. To be specific I dont have a topic in this post. I'm looking forward to April though. My calendar on April's weekend was fully booked.Weird isnt it. Apparently I still have two months with not so much to do. And in between, my result will come out. Hope for the best, expect the worst. Haha. I realised how much I've wishing for dq before, and being burnt to ashes I know things mostly work the opposite way atm we least expecting it. Although I'm on a very serious long school break there's still stacks of things I haven't done. So i'm listing down my things to do.
I have to fill in the upu soon, very soon. I've tried to fill them in thrice but end up blank. and now I lost track of my upu pin no. Everyone I met, as soon as they found out i am on their same age would ask that as their first question. No, actually everyone. Too cliche and annoying but for god sake I know when march comes the moe site gonna stuck. Malaysian website is still unlikely to withhold the last minutes rush. So before crammed everyone who havent, do it now.  
Research, mail then do layouts and redesign for cik amin. 
And need to give some money to gaza asap too, I'm afraid if the donations isnt available anymore. I already made a pact. The problem is I am still searching for a reliable medium for the money to reach there, in person. I would go to aqsa syarif only if my connection is better than this current state. The banks they used to line up in the mosques front I used to go had vanished. Since I dont know the right who, where and how, its a pleasure if anyone help me. (Bear in mind my internet are dying, some websites wont even load)
So that three is my utmost important. Now for the not so serious but still, promises. 
Aieshah. This week in sha allah. 
Promises to abah and blank walls to be painted.  
Laziness, go away. 
Buy lace ups and skirt (or at least diy one) by this month. 
Find or borrow and read the catcher in the rye. 
Oh most importantly proceed my driving license. by tuesday. 
Go to broga with ana. This month.
Bring khaled to wondermilk, and if we're lucky we might go to hello deer market, though it is so rare. 
And still, theres zillions of photos need to be retouched, and published due to never ending demands, especially from kak jiha wed . Plus there's an editing class held by MOM soon, well precisely its in April, again. Ohoh I'm freaking excited cause I once asked for it, and I love them like forever. Seeing their editing is one of the things in my bucket list. But the only problem now is they cost RM650 or the one day class, RM350. So obvious I'm in conflict but I've decided anyway. I've spammed their labs to book since yesterday, but no reply so far. So tomorrow I gonna call them, another thing I hate to do. But seriously, I really cant wait to meet them in person! What do I mean them btw? The editing? lol. 
This is my blog, my notes, night people.


miai said...

Membebel . Haha . Such funny pah :D

Ulfa Ady said...

hehe what can i say?