Friday, February 22, 2013

Sketch 003

So it wasn't a very cheerful days. And it have been almost two months since I deactivated my twitter. I cant stand guys. I know right, twitter gives so much fun and updates. But now i feel my live has been so much calmer without twitter. Without any followers. Without any other people prejudice and gossips. I used to be a hardcore tweetpeep. So once it was deactivated, please accept that I gonna talk more in my blog lol. But if you think it encourages you to say a lot of useless and nonsense stuff till you even harassing others better dont sign up your account there, since everyone tweets hundreds in a minute! Oh unless yeah you're preaching. In fact thats pure awesomeness.

Our politics are tiring as well. It contradicts the people. Even via my friends. Just look at your surroundings. Its proven. Honestly I'm not sure whether religious leader should get involve politically. Or vice versa. Because I couldn't tell which one I should listen to. People talking bad behind each others back, and I'm just listening to them. And talking about religion made me anxious too. You know how inferior I felt seeing those reminders in my fb walls or just anywhere.

Definitely muslims world are advancing, more real jihadist are born. But I'm afraid of my position, both in the world and in the hereafter. Once in the blue moon when I want to kill the night I would go to a chat site. As a safety measure I'd always tagged Islam as my interest, as so to have a conversation with other muslim, which of course is safer. So it happened that I met an atheist who was a muslim, and a very good young preacher. I felt so weak throughout both conversation. They help me to realize how my basis are not at all strong. What made you say you know Allah well. What really proves Quran is His word. I dont know what happened to me. But it really hurts. I can't even describe my opinion without the aids. I didn't wish that I would do a clever comeback to them, just like the popular dialogues of an atheist and the muslim. I'd only wish I would understand what happened and the main question of why. If your belief is questionable, then how can you prove you are a true muslim then. Who wanna admit they are the bubbles in the sea. No one. A lot of things to be learned. But my self motivation isnt that great..

Oh yeah I cancel out the post processing photography class. My financial statement isn't that all balance either. Sayangnye :(

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Miyek said...

Yes , more things to be learned . Especially about Islam :/