Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sketch 001

I slept in at Maahad Hamidiah over this weekend, what with Kak Meera came all the way from Perak just because I wished she was there, omg omg omg it was so thrilled! But on the down side I also have my pesky mood swings. How on earth did they came no one ever know. Only after it ended I realised how extremely fun it was, even beyond words. Albeit they guys semua busy preparing for surabaya delegation and the teacher has ladap that day I didn't expect like everyone gonna greet you and makes you even feel less like an outsider, especially the teachers. Tsk tsk ukhuwah ini membuatkan saya terharu sangat terima kasih awak semua. And I did things I less likely do with them, an after midnight gossiping and a few counselling sessions before before that. Ahhh I started to feel like missing everyone back then. Now it seems like I understand  Holden Caufield "Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody." With all the juniors is one thing, and another thing was debate. I miss debate so much I think I had amnesia when I see us the debaters; me, bro fakhry, kak raihan, kak meera, kak wani, bro safwan, maryam, nadia, deeha, hafiz, affan, luqman, syed, rizal, munierah, madihah, and the rest my debate family tree yang besar gile - gathered. Ikr the picture of us being together are just so jawesome.  I can only say the picture this time, I didnt bring my cammmy so its obvious theres no digital memory. Cant believe I am 18 already and old enough to say 'heyyy saya budak baru nak belajar debate'. Who am I kidding! I got hyperventilated to see theres many new faces eager to see how handsome debate is. And at the end of the day they met us to admit that they have, finally, fallen in love with debate. Yaayyyyyy finallyyyyyyyy things gonna get really romantics.

If any of you the debaters or my adik-adik and cikgu (kalau le ada) are reading this, (esp fakhry, but i know the chances are only like ten percent pfft) I want you to know how I REALLY REALLY REALLY THANK THANKS YOU GUYS!!! You don't know how overwhelmed I am. In any way, only Allah can pay your good deeds! BARAKALLAHU FIKUM! BARAKALLAHU FIKUM! BARAKALLAHU FIKUM! BARAKALLAHU FIKUM! BARAKALLAHU FIKUM! BARAKALLAHU FIKUM!  XD

Haha maaf macam mengarut tak my writing cos I am like really freaking tired but I gonna write it anyway. The more you delay it, the more you gonna lose the momentum of doing it. Besides I just know that I have to go Kelantan lagi lusa, so the figure of being stuck in bus for another 8 hours or more is like hmmmmmmmphhh. Goodnight guys.

To make my rambling even more nicer sebelum tu terima lah ini, Yoni the kuyu. I dont know why everytime I wanna draw something it turns out to be yuna-ish. How laaaa. 
Second attempt to draw digitally.  I sanggat bangga sikit ni sebab first time dapat buat muke orang! FACE MEN! FACE! Hahah I know its not in any way real right but I tiba-tiba terdid the whole completed face ya allaaahhhhhhh excited taakkkkk...  Its not that hard except, the only reason why I did the turban bcos I have NO IDEA how people buat the hair so hairy asdfghjkl.

Astaghfirullah al azim.


Baiti Fauzi said...

ASAL LAWA GILA..guna software ape?!

Ulfa Ady said...


Baiti Fauzi said...

haha..byk la...guna mouse kn? ketar tgn2 lukis nnti..haha..